1.0 INTRODUCTION Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), is seeking proposals from concessionaires - partnerships and/or natural persons to operate Retail Concession opportunities at Kotoka International Airport (Landside and Terminal Areas), Terminal 3 (T3). Prospective concessionaires are required to submit Technical and Financial Proposals as response to the scope of Retail Concession opportunities available within the flagship, newly constructed, T3.

2.0 OVERALL CONCESSION PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY The object of this concession notice is to provide a variety of essential, yet practical services to the public while maximizing both the revenue to GACL and the sales to the Concessionaire. The type of concessions and their distribution are determined by a thorough evaluation of numerous business factors and assumptions such as growth, traffic flow, passenger habits, passenger demographics, security needs, airline gate utilization, space configurations, and concession mix, just to name a few. Consequently, the concession opportunity offered in this RFP represents a Branded Specialty Retail concession that enhances the passengers’ travel experience. The foundation of T3’s concession program, and consequently a successful proposal, is based on three core objectives as described below:
Revenue Enhancement is achieved when the Concessionaire can optimize merchandise availability to meet customer demand, coupled with performance standards that enable operators to manage their operations efficiently and effectively while optimizing customer satisfaction.
Innovation and Creativity will ensure that T3’s retail concessions continue to be successful and adapts to changing trends and demographics. Airport retailing is a continually evolving business that requires innovative solutions to capitalize on opportunities and market niches. Passengers are becoming more discerning about price, product quality, variety and customer service.
Customer Service and Satisfaction is of utmost importance. GACL will only be able to fulfill its goals if the Concessionaire and its staff are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. To the millions of passengers who travel through KIA, concession employees represent the face of the Airport and contribute greatly to a passenger’s overall experience and first impression.

3.0 SCOPE OF CONCESSION OPPORTUNITY: The grid below outlines the scope of retail concession opportunity available within T3 and summarizes the Retail Categories, assigned commercial spaces and the payment of the applicable non-refundable fees:

1 Duty Free Shopes (levels 1 & 3
• Arrivals – Baggage Claim
• Departures Corridor
Perfumes, Liquor, Tobacco, Top-end watches and confectionery GHS20,000.00
2 Business Lounges (Levels & 5)
• Meeters & Greeters
• Departure Corridor
Reception Centre for business class passengers etc GHS15,000.00
3 Hotel Lounges (Level 1)
• Arrivals – Meeters & Greeters Areas
Reception Centre for Guests GHS10,000.00
4 Financial Services; (Levels 1 & 3)
• Departures – Check Inn Hall
• Arrivals – Baggage Claim Hall
Forex Operations, Banks and ATMs GHS10,000.00
5 Specialty/Duty Paid Shops; (Levels 1& 3)
• Departures Corridor
• Arrivals – Meeters & Greeters
Special branded Watches/ Jewellery /Made in Ghana products/ Luggage & Travel Accessories/ Pharmacy/African Shops/Gift Shops /Artefacts/Fashion & Accessories/Clothing/Bags/ Electronics/ Phones & Accessories/Curio/Sports & Accessories/Bookshop GHS7,500.00
6 Baggage Handling Shops; (Level 3) • Departures – Check-In Left Luggage/Baggage/Bag Handling Services/Short term storage/Forwarding of luggage/Luggage pickup GHS5,000.00
7 Other Retail; (Levels 1 & 3)
• Departures Corridor - Level 3
• Arrivals – Levels 1 & 3
Sunglasses, Sweets & Confectionery/ Coffee Shop/ Business Centre/Ground Transportation/Travel & Tours/ Akwaaba Centre GHS5,000.00
8 Food & Beverage (Levels 1, 3 & 4) • Departures – Check In
• Mezzanine Floor – Level 3
• Arrivals – Meeters & Greeters Areas
Light/Heavy Restaurants/Snacks/Pub/ Continental/Liquor/Soft drinks/Fresh Fruit Juice/Pizza/Hamburger/Grilled Chicken/Baked Foods/Smoking Lounge GHS5,000.00
9 Commercial Spaces (Levels 1 & 3) • Arrivals & Departures Vending Machines/ Baggage Wrap/Business Centres GHS3,000.00

4.0 CONCESSIONAIRE REQUIREMENTS: Prospective Concessionaires are to purchase the RFP at the indicated respective non-refundable fee(s) under Section 3 above, between 0900 - 1600 hours GMT; from Thursday, August 17, 2017 to Friday, September 15, 2017, and make submissions of Technical and Financial Proposals including the following:
• Statutory Documents Valid statutory documents and corporate citizenship – certificates of incorporation and registration, VAT registration & tax clearance and pension authority (SSNIT) tax certificates.
• Similar/Previous Assignments Concessionaire must have a minimum of five (5) years within the past ten (10) years (“qualifying years”) in the ownership or management of a retail concessions in an airport or a large environment.
• Financial Capability Must demonstrate financial capacity and experience to operate the concession. Concessionaires will be invited to a Pre-proposal meeting/site visit scheduled for 1000 hours GMT on Friday, September 1, 2017 at Kotoka International Airport Terminal 3. The visit will afford Respondents opportunity to familiarize with site conditions and also obtain relevant information. Proposals shall be valid for a period of 120 Days after deadline submission date and must be sealed in separate envelopes, clearly marked: “Technical” and “Financial”, not later than 1000 hours on Friday, September 15, 2017, to the address below;

5.0 CONCESSION TENURE: The overall best evaluated proposals will form the basis for contract for grant of five (5) year term, non-exclusive retail concessions in their preferred areas, subject to further reviews based on satisfactory performance.


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