Kotoka InternationalAirport, KA Private Mail Bag 36, Accra, Ghana, West Africa, Tel. +233302776171, Fax. +233302760981
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The airport occupies 1610 acres (651 hectares) within the city of Accra, and is about 10 kilometres from the City Centre. The reference point co-ordinates are 05° 35’ 47” North Latitude by 000° 10’ 12” West longitude. Elevation is 63.5m (205 ft). K.I.A’s central location in the world, (on the Greenwich Meridian and close to the Equator) makes it easily accessible from any part of the world.


Before 1946 Used as a military aerodrome by the Royal Air Force (British) during World War II.
1946  Handed over to civilian authority following military pullout.
January 1956   Development Project launched for construction of a proper international airport for Accra.
March 1958 Ghana Airways began operations with Accra Airport as base.
1969  New passenger terminal commissioned and airport renamed Kotoka International Airport
May 1986 Promulgation of PNDC Law 151 which established GCAA as an autonomous entity.
November  2004 Enactment of Civil Aviation Act 2004,  Act 678.
January 2006 Decoupling of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority into two entities