Kumasi Airport, P.O. Box 986 Kumasi – Ghana, West Africa, Tel. +233322022969
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Although approval was obtained as far back as 1940, it was not until 1947 that documentation for land acquisition was completed and paid for. However by 1943, Kumasi Airport had been completed. The runway was 1200yds (3600ft) long by 150yds (450ft) wide, middle: 50yds (150ft) consolidated for landing and two flanking widths of 50yds (150ft) each for parking.The Department of Civil Aviation emerged immediately after the war. The P.W.D constructed a Control Tower, Terminal Building, RFFS station and Staff Quarters which covered an area of 2-3acres. Additionally, a wireless station which took care of all radios was constructed at Dichemso at a cost of £ 1,876.16 (Source: PWD, Kumasi Records).There were extensive developments in 1958 and 1959 by the Ghana Government on the runway, navigational facilities and human resource to enhance internal airline operations.The installation of runway and taxiway lights and the extension of the main runway to the southern part in the late 1970’s was another major improvement to the Kumasi Airport. Whilst the lights enhanced night flying, the extension of the runway enabled operations of short haul jets like the F28. The building of a new Terminal and the installation of a VOR/DME commissioned on 1st December 1993 completed the modernization process.In 2003 Kumasi was declared an International Airport primarily for regional operations with the full complement of Security, Customs and Immigration staff.

Vital Information on Kumasi Airport:

Description Indication



 N06 43’ 09 W01 34’ 59”

Elevation: 287m (942ft)
Runway directions:


Runway length:


Runway width:  45m
Runway slope: varies from 2.0% uphill to 2.0% downhill on differing areas
Runway surface: Asphalt



0600 – 1800

Fire Protection

ICAO Category 6, - 1 Fire Tender, 1 Ambulance



 Parking ramp