GACL has successfully handed over the management of car parks at KIA to Servest- a South African company with specialty in car park management. Rates charged depend on the duration of parking and car park used.

Car Park Accessibility

1- Users of the car parks will stop by the parking card dispenser at the entrance of Parks 2 and 4 and press a knob for a card.

2- Once at the car park; please look out for appropriate Car Park attendants with proper identification and direct all your enquiries to them.

3- Long term parking is designated for Car Park 1.

4- For easy access to the arrival terminal, convenient parking is available at car park 2.

5- For information on parking modalities at KIA, please contact the Commercial Services department on 0302-550612 Ext. 2477or Servest on 0543835715.

Passengers Drop Off

Ghana Airports Company Limited has made provision for anyone wishing to drop off passengers at the airport. These areas are located at Terminals 1 and 2. Motorists are advised to follow signs at the airport to access these designated area.

Pick Up

The car parks are the only designated places for pickups at the airport. The car parks are labelled on approach and depending on preferred car parks, hourly rates apply.

Unattended Vehicles

For the purpose of security and passenger safety, vehicles left unattended at any time will be clamped, towed and vehicle owner fined.

24 hour towing and recovery services

As part of efforts to ensure smooth vehicular movement at Kotoka International Airport, Ghana Airports Company Limited has contracted 24 hour Towing and Recovery Services to enforce parking regulations at the airport. The following constitutes vehicular offences at KIA:

  • Blocking access into the airport
  • Parking on pedestrian walkway(Pavement)
  • Parking on motorist lane
  • Parking at a “NO STOPPING” indicated signpost
  • Parking on a zebra crossing
  • Parking by a fire hydrant
  • Parking at a “NO STOPPING” indicated signpost
  • Parking on lawns
  • Double parking
  • Parking within 25m of junctions and intersections at the airport
  • Leaving broken down vehicles without a warning triangle
  • Leaving broken down vehicles unattended after 2 hours

Kindly note that rules regulating public roads apply to the roads within the airport environment.

Short Term Parking

Duration Car Park 2 (Convenient) Car Park 4
0-1 Hour 10.00 6.00
1-2 Hours 12.00 8.00
2-3 Hours 14.00 10.00
3-4 Hours 16.00 12.00
4-5 Hours 20.00 15.00
5-6 Hours 25.00 20.00

Long Term Parking

Duration Car Park 2 (Convenient) Car Park 4
24+ Hours Overnight 50.00 50.00
Seasonal Parking (Annual) N/A 1,800.00
Lost Ticket Penalty for all Car Parks 50.00 50.00
Replacement Cost For Proximity Card 300.00