Aircraft Recovery Service

Aircraft recovery is one of GACL’s unique selling prepositions. The company has over the years performed series of aircraft recovery operations in Ghana and neighbouring countries making us one of the best, if not the best, in Africa. The following operations were conducted by GACL:

  •  As part of our training and familiarization with the equipment, the recovery team on the 31st July, 2003, conducted a full lift exercise on the Ghana Airways DC9.
  •   On the 21st August 2004, a Ghana Airforce, F27, dropped on its belly rendering the runway at KIA unusable. Recovery lasted for 42/2 hrs.
  •   An MK cargo DC8 had a defective hydraulic system which affected the undercarriage and subsequently movement on the taxi way. It took the Recovery team 11/2hours to undertake a single point lift recovery operation.
  •  On 6th June 2004, an Air Ivoire aircraft, F28, on landing skidded off the only runway of Benin International Airport. The Recovery team arrived in Benin on 8th June and recovered the disabled aircraft in an operation that lasted 4 hours.
  •   The team successfully recovered a Citylink Aircraft, SAAB 340A, on August 16, 2006, which had a collapsed nose wheel on the take off.
  •   On the 14th June 2007 Atlas Air Boeing 747-200 series which was off-leading the new Ghana cedi currencies tilted with the tail part of the fuselage touching the ground. This left the nose wheel of the aircraft hanging 5m above the ground at the Aviance cargo bay, KIA.
  •   The team on 11th July, 2007, recovered a VIP Aircraft, B737, at Kotoka international Airport Airforce Base. The aircraft landed safely and was taxing to the bay, unfortunately the aircraft got stuck as a result of the soft nature of the ground.