Security at the airport may deny access to the boarding area and the aeroplane cabin to any passenger in possession of an article which, although not considered prohibited, arouses their suspicion. It is important to note that some seemingly harmless products can be extremely dangerous on board an aircraft if they are packed in your luggage. During flight, variations of temperature, pressure and the movement of the aircraft itself may cause the leakage of liquids or the ignition of certain articles. For those reasons, there are a series of objects that are forbidden in the aircraft cabin.

Carry On Checked
Baby Formula/ Breast Milk
Bottled Water/Juice/Soda
Butter knife-Metal or Plastic
Cigar cutters or Corkscrews
Lighter (Disposable)
Gel shoe inserts
Knitting needles/crochet hooks
Mascara/ /Lip gloss
Nail clippers/ Nail files tweezers
Scissors- plastic
Scissors- blade longer than 6cm
Umbrellas or walking canes
Matches box
Carry On Checked
Camera Equipment/Camcoders
Laptop computers
Mobile phone/Pagers/PDAs
Carry On Checked
Baseball or Cricket bats
Bows and Arrows/Spear Guns
Golf clubs or pool cues
Hockey/Lacrosse Sticks

Carry On Checked
Box Cutters
Disposable or Safety Razor
Ice Axes/Ice picks/meat cleavers
Razor-type blades/sabers
Carry On Checked
Braile Devices
Diabetes-Related Equipment
Diabates-Liquid or Gel Medicines(Limit:5oz)
Non-Prescription Liquid Medicine (Limit: 5oz eg. Saline solution)
Orgarnact-Labeled Pills or sprays
Prosthetic Devices/Tools
Carry On Checked
Drills or Saws
Misc. Small tools-
up to
7 long
Carry On Checked
Compressed Air Guns/BB Guns
Firearms/ firearms parts
Gun powder or dynamite
Hand Grenade (Real or Replica)
Realistic Replicas of firearms
Starter Pistol or Pellet Gun
Carry On Checked
Chemicals- Bleach, Chlorine etc.
Flammable items- Lighter Fluid, Gasoline, large Aerosol Cans etc.
Carry On Checked
Martial Art Weapons
Mace/Pepper Spray Ask Airline

The following personal items must be in 3oz. or smaller containers, all packed into a one quart zip-top, clear plastic bag. Bottles and containers that are half- empty or larger toothpaste tubes that are rolled up are not allowed. Limit one plastic bag per person.

Carry On Checked
Liquid make-up
Shampoos, Gels, Lotions
Toiletries with Aerosols
Canned or Jarred Foods